Track 1: Drinkin' to Do

written by: Ryan Griffin, Chris Gelbuda  

I got some drinkin' to do
I got some goin' through hell
I got some whiskey to waste, memories to erase
Just me and myself
I got some pictures to burn
Pictures of me and you
I got some fallin' apart in this dark little bar
I've got some drinkin' to do

When I'm sober
Yeah, the nights drag on too long
So I'll keep livin' this lie like a fool
Killin' time while they pour my drinks too strong
Might be reckless
Yeah, I'm guessin'
I'll be hurtin' when I'm through
But I'll be one hangover closer
To over you

I got some lonely to face
I got some sorry to be
I got words that you said in my head
I got friends checking up on me
I might be throwin' 'em back
Like I got somethin' to prove
I got a couple mistakes that I still gotta make
I got some drinkin' to do

"Drinkin' to Do" takes you through the snapshots of very real moments that I lived of dealing with the heartache. It took a year to work up the courage to put all this pain to paper, but it has been such a therapeutic process. When we set out to do this, I wanted it to look and feel like the story I lived. This is a snapshot of where I was at in a particular moment. The storyboard we captured takes you on the journey of my personal story of losing love, and kind of dealing with the pain a destructive way. I went through hell. I spent nights sipping on his whiskey. There were mistakes made. But I held onto the hope that every day was one hangover closer to over you. 

xoxo - Jenna